How To Use Two Gmail, Facebook in One Browser

How To Use Two Gmail, Facebook in One Browser: Hi Friends, We all know that in any browser, we can run the same Gmail or Facebook at a time. When we have to run another Gmail or Facebook, then we first have to log out of an account and then the other can only log in and manage only one account (Gmail or Facebook) at one time.

But I have brought today for you people, a way through which you can easily run 2 Gmail, Facebook etc. at the same time, in the same browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox). So let’s first know how you can run 2 Gmail, Facebook etc. at the same time in the same browser 🙂

How To Use Two Gmail, Facebook in One Browser

STEP 1. > Start your browser ‘Google Chrome’. And log in to your first account (Gmail or Facebook or any other).

STEP 2. > Now Select Private Browsing (New Incognito Window) to log in to your second account (Gmail or Facebook).

STEP 3. > To enter Private Browsing, click on the option in the upper right corner of your browser ‘Google Chrome’. (See Figure below). Or you can also use the shortcut key “Ctrl + Shift + I” to do this.

STEP 4. > Now a new window will open in front of you, which does not remember any of your previous accounts (Gmail or Facebook). And you can log in to your new ones (Gmail or Facebook) in it.

So in this way, you can run two accounts (Gmail or Facebook) in Google Chrome at the same time and that too quite easily 🙂 This Process will remain same for other browsers also instead of Google Chrome So you just only need to find the Private window option on your existing Browser in your PC.

So I hope this will work you if you find this post helpful do share it with your friends and do comment if you have any question regarding the post.



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