What is a Keylogger and How to work with it?

Hey, Today I am going to teach you about Keylogger attacking, which acts like a remote to operate the hack on victim’s system. Usually, KeyLogging is the hardest way to hack a system, because it needs some cooperation from our victim, and all these days if you go on google about some search terms like Facebook hacking 2017, Gmail Hacking 2017.

You may get many results which direct you to some fake tricks like hack Facebook through Command Prompt, Hack Facebook through Notepad, if a single pad having hardly 100KB of size can do miracles then for Facebook why to maintain those many servers which were multiplying themselves year by year, and right now I am not telling you that you can’t Hack Facebook through notepad, but just telling you those were computer pranks, and don’t fall for them, they were waste of time.

Coming Back To The Topic…

Usually, KeyLogging means spying remotely on the operations carried out over a system, immediately you may think about TeamViewer software, but this is completely different from TeamViewer software, For a TeamViewer to work, it needs authentication from both sides but Keylogger doesn’t need any authentication from both sides.

Then, What The Hell Is A Keylogging

KeyLogging Is a Mission Which Don’t Need Authentication, But Just Needs Only an End to End Cooperation

By now i think you got some basic Idea on What does KeyLogging means, so now I’ll go somewhat deep on this,

The basic thing that a beginner in hacking develops is KeyLoggers, and when this Kid goes viral in knowledge relevant to PHP developing, SQL Programming then he would start creating RootKits and BackDoors, in turn, these would turn to a Severe Challenge to the topmost Antivirus Brands like Kaspersky, Avast, QuickHeal etc.

How Bad Is Keylogger For The Victim

If you get access once for your victim’s computer then you can do anything you want, as there will be many options like getting key strokes for every 20 seconds, that span should be selected by us, Even the secure bank transactions that were carried out will also be captured in form of key strokes, and the only thing for such types of attacks is to Find out that installed black sheep, many of these keyloggers will be made without a digital signature, so it would be easy to find out by using an antivirus, if any keylogger made with digital signature then it would be some what big deal to do with.

Where Can I Get This

So initially you need to search for the Keyloggers that were having recently updated version, and then we need to take a trial with, this keylogger should be hosted on any Free file hosting sites like google drive, dropbox, 110mb.com, my3gb, 000webhost like servers and we need to embed the download link and then the download link should be made as an auto download and install type one, then simply you can get access from personal computers.


These are the simple and basic concept about Keylogger, Keylogging attack. So here, we completed the study on the topic Keylogger attacking and how does the Keylogger malware virus affect us. I hope you all got your doubts cleared about this topic. If you have any more doubts regarding this topic, don’t be shy to ask it through the below shout-out comment box. Have a blast day…


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